Despite how busy I am…

Despite how busy I am…

I shall live my life with no regrets, and do what I want, and how I value life, even if I’m too busy.

1Q84 and Tree With Deep Roots

  • 300 pages of 1Q84 finished so far (out of about 1,000)
  • 15 Episodes of Tree With Deep Roots watched

Some thoughts:

  • 1Q84 deals with a lot of the concept of reality, and what is real, and what is not, and to what extent and how we accept unreality/real things. I’m still confused by this and need to put some time to think that. This is definitely different from a lot of previous Murakami works (Norwegian Wood, Kafka on the Shore, South of the Border, West of the Shore)
  • Tree With Deep Roots – Well-written sageuk (사극; 史剧: shi3 ju4; historical drama). Such a good example revealing the motives of politicians who want power, the definition of the “greater good”, the History of Hangul (I wanted to cry at some moments), and the desire to empower the greater good.

I still don’t feel like going to school yet.

Throw away the planner

Schedules are the death of my creative spirit. If you’ve ever felt hindered because there was a schedule you had to keep, that is a part of your self being murdered.

Like holding back the ocean with a toothpick. You fucking can’t do it, so why? Why? Do tell me a good reason why.

Schedules are laborious, guilt-ridden, self-imposing and self-suffocating. Some schedules will suit the nature of the person well. Active movement of the body for exercise is one. Connections with your closest loved ones while one or both of you is away is another

Yes! Somebody that agrees with me.