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Despite how busy I am…

Despite how busy I am… I shall live my life with no regrets, and do what I want, and how I value life, even if I’m too busy. Advertisements

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Seoul Cafes!

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Introduction to Architecutre

Any Korean love story with architecture involved I would so watch,

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1Q84 and Tree With Deep Roots

300 pages of 1Q84 finished so far (out of about 1,000) 15 Episodes of Tree With Deep Roots watched Some thoughts: 1Q84 deals with a lot of the concept of reality, and what is real, and what is not, and … Continue reading

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씻다 (to wash), 이거 뭐지?

My first time using Korean and Chinese sentences at the same time. 손들을 씻으세요. (Wash your hands) (洗手!) 어디에서 손들이 씻을 수 있어요? (Where can I wash my hands?) (在那里我可以洗手吗?/ 在那儿我可以用你的洗手间吗?)

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Chengdu 2020 Metro Map

I know I try my best to avoid doing transport related posts here, but this is something I want to share, to show you how much Chinese cities are doing to place transit into a city.

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Throw away the planner

Schedules are the death of my creative spirit. If you’ve ever felt hindered because there was a schedule you had to keep, that is a part of your self being murdered. Like holding back the ocean with a toothpick. You … Continue reading

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