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Why learning languages matter to me

Aside from the business reasons, language learning for me is to learn about other cultures, and to share these cultures to the rest of the world. It’s a way to make new friends, have fun, and experience a different sort … Continue reading

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I want to go to China. Shanghai street food

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Comfort level in speaking is more important than fluency

Click the picture above for the actual article; Guess this shifts my strategy a bit;

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How to start/continue conversations in target languages

I found this link on making conversations flow from Anthony Lauder, i.e. conversational intimacy. To quote his style: Conversations need to flow. So, what is the language glue that we were missing that keeps conversations flowing? Instead of saying “urm” I … Continue reading

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말해 봐; Sketching > design software!

Two things I’ve realized today: 1) I should focus primarily on speaking a language, at this point, with building up my vocabulary and speaking it to practice. 2) I prefer sketching over doing any form of design software, although I will end … Continue reading

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On artistic creativity and the future.

As I sit here, having three semesters left until I graduate, I always wonder whether whatever I am doing: language learning and sketching/drawing/illustrating, has practical value in the real world, or how can I develop it’s practical value? According to … Continue reading

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씻다 (to wash), 이거 뭐지?

My first time using Korean and Chinese sentences at the same time. 손들을 씻으세요. (Wash your hands) (洗手!) 어디에서 손들이 씻을 수 있어요? (Where can I wash my hands?) (在那里我可以洗手吗?/ 在那儿我可以用你的洗手间吗?)

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