On big rocks

I was reading ArtOfManliness’s article on study habits. One of the things he argues we should do in terms of forming effective study habits is to create big rocks, permanent “doctor appointments” where all your important work is focused on those things at that specific time in the day every week, and any additional variables, you schedule weekly. ZenHabits suggests we do the important things as early as possible to get the important things out of the way, and the pebbles can come on the side.

I like this process, because it balances out my un-structured philosophy of life with some focus, a backbone that I can depend on. Because ultimately, there are things in life I really want to prioritize doing. Yes, I want to do a lot of things in the world, but there are things which make me, well, just me, that I need to do because it is a part of my identity.

My big rocks: my education. I have big project-related courses

My pebbles: extra-curriculars (still deciding on what to do), language learning, cooking (음식을 요리하는 것 배우고 싶어요0, drawing).

My schedule looks so busy! I always like worry that I don’t get a chance to socialize as much, but then again, the best social moments are always unplanned.

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