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A Nice Set | Shanghai, presented by NeochaEDGE X Jellymon X We Are Plus

This feels very cosmopolitan to me. Advertisements

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Who are the leading experts in the world on smart cities and data-driven urban planning?

Answer by Francis Chen: First, I'd like to say: data visualization peeps and aspiring entrepreneurs, take note! Carlo Ratti of the MIT Sensable Cities Lab ( has done some amazing work in terms of data visualization and smart cities.  Check … Continue reading

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Raohe Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市

It’s no secret that I miss night markets.

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Why Taiwan?

This is is a question I get asked a lot. I really can’t provide a simple answer for this question; I’m going to focus more on the personal growth, because I’ve fallen so in love with the island so much … Continue reading

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Why do Chinese parents consider doctor, lawyer and accountant to be the “default” career for their children?

Answer by Francis Chen: Having made the switch from engineering to urban planning in the past, I can heavily relate to this question as a 1st generation born Chinese-American. I’ll try to speak from my personal experience. I’ve divided my … Continue reading

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Working abroad as an Overseas Chinese, and to those who are afraid to do it

To those who are Overseas Chinese who are afraid of working abroad, Continue reading

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What are some ways in which Chinese society is better than American society?

Answer by Gabriel Butler: There was a good article about what China has been doing right recently. One of the authors responded by making a list. Be sure to read the whole piece though. It's one of the best, most … Continue reading

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