Reflections & Productivity.

Now that school is over, thought I write down some things to prioritize in life.

  • Traveling: I really want to focus on spending more time in East Asia. Travelling really teaches me a lot about myself, and is so important in terms of growth, personal development, and being exposed to different perspectives in ideas.
  • Art as a tool in bridging communities and ideas: Note that I didn’t specifically say design (I believe design is a form of art). I believe in the power of art in connecting people, articulating and communicating, inspiring ideas, creating imagination, and getting people a chance to relax. This can take on ANY medium (illustration, watercolors, design, cooking, city planning, music, etc.)
  • Language learning: I want to continue improving my spoken Mandarin so that I can make friends and very strong relationships throughout my life that we can both be inspired by. 
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