Passion should be something you’re obsessed with;

From Cal Newport’s article:

Ken Rogoff, economist and chess master, states:

“Being very good at anything involves being somewhat addicted.”


On being comfortable with solitude

One of the hardest things in focusing on developing your creative craft/skill is the sense of loneliness that emerges after doing it a long period of time.

For example, whether if I am working on languages, or focusing on my artistic work, I often have to separate myself from people for long periods of time in order to focus on the process, take my time, and limit my distractions.

One can argue that languages and art are also meant to be social; yes, I would love to work with other people, and there are times when doing that is important. However, for the majority of my time, I work best in making sure I have prepared some work before I collaborate.

It really can be tough doing things quietly, away from other people; I think I’ve had to accept that this is a normal part of the creative process; those times, when you will collaborate with other people, will come.

It’s hard to make life perfect; I think being able to move on, and realize that this solitude, rather than loneliness, is the path that allows me to thrive and come out with new ideas,  is the path I am willing to accept; when my creative work comes to life and makes an impact, small or big, then I know I’ll be happy.