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Stockholm sketching time-lapse video

Wow, I could so imagine getting into a conversation with this person! Just a few things in my head (I have many more, but I need to head to bed). My sketches, in terms of working with lines/edges, tend to … Continue reading

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On Taking Initiative in Socializing

Note: I’ve attempted to make 粥 (jook) before when I was sick during finals week! Video of the day: Learning how to make jook (rice porridge, congee), chicken with wantanmien. Great source of inspiration for those who want to learn how … Continue reading

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The Concept of Flow and What Things To Prioritize

I was reading ZenHabits’s 9 Steps to Achieving Flow in Your Life, and also simultaneously reading Steve Palvina’s article How To Prioritize, since one thing I always struggle with is how to prioritize the things you truly enjoy in life. … Continue reading

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Songs of the week

Ryuchi Sakamoto – Say That You Love me (Gayageum version by Luna). When I listen to the above song, I feel like a Korean Drama should be made called, “Crush on a Gayageum Player”. 부용화(Buyonghwa) – Dong Yi OST

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