Stockholm sketching time-lapse video

Wow, I could so imagine getting into a conversation with this person! Just a few things in my head (I have many more, but I need to head to bed).

My sketches, in terms of working with lines/edges, tend to be more rough, filled with many lines at once, whereas the person here took her time with the drawing and drew the edge slowly, avoiding what I do and ending up with crisp, straight, yet simple lines. In terms of my craft, this is something I want to work on, since when I do sketches, I often give myself time-crunches and rush my sketches with those many lines. Is it even possible to sketch quickly while maintaining those crisp, single lines.

Look at the outline of the trees! For people who do not have as much practice with drawing, like I once did, I was used to drawing either a large circle and a tree branch, or drew a bunch of squiggly lines to symbolize the tree leaves. I like how she drew the outline of the tree leaves very carefully with one stroke such that the top of each tree really shows how the leaves sort-of stick out in different ways at the ends and top of the tree.

For advanced sketchers, I know I’m just over-analyzing this, but for me, a person who does not come from a design background (and coming from the group of people who say, “I suck at drawing”), being able to break this sort of thing down into simple terms and elements really help build the foundations for honing the craft in sketching.

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