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My values (updated)

As I start settling into my career and life a bit after college, some values and perspectives popped up I’d like to solve simple problems that are┬ámanageable┬áto solve within my control while maintaining my work life balance, based on what … Continue reading

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Facebook vs other forms of social media

I’m still an active user of social media: I use YouTube, Quora, LinkedIn, as well as this blog; using these avenues allows me to explore and produce key content that is both meaningful and has a great level of depth. … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Street Market Symphony

Like to take a break from my Taiwan blog posts to show a bit of my Cantonese side. By the way, I really wish I could visit Hong Kong for a week on vacation. I went to HK in 2006 … Continue reading

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Having a strong sense of trust among your peers is more important than how well you do

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been milling over organizational behavior, professional development and it surprised me is that it matters more that you are able to establish trust among your peers/co-workers rather than how well you do. Let’s break … Continue reading

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