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Why big data firms are missing out on a potential market: urban sustainability

The City of San Francisco has mapped all the trees as part of an effort to map and illustrate the health, water, air quality, and economic benefits of trees. One such site showing these benefits is UrbanForestMap ( Here’s a … Continue reading

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Mapping Morsels | A Day In the Life of Linda

One of the pieces I’m working on right now is creating a map highlighting how food businesses (grocery stores/restaurants/cafes) create destinations where people come and bring communities together. The above is a draft of a map I’m working on right … Continue reading

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Having a strong sense of trust among your peers is more important than how well you do

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been milling over organizational behavior, professional development and it surprised me is that it matters more that you are able to establish trust among your peers/co-workers rather than how well you do. Let’s break … Continue reading

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Have city government officials and city planners thought about employing animators and illustrators in city hall?

ACTransit EasyPass from Jeff Lai on Vimeo. I love this quick 30 second animation (likely made with Adobe Flash, which can be easily learned within a couple of months) showing how to use the AC Transit Easy Pass. I’m always … Continue reading

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The concept of trust in public participation

Thought I will stray a bit from my illustration/artsy/design posts and talk about a very simple concept in public participation in urban planning. It’s so simple, yet it’s so hard to get. Trust. Simply put, if you want to get … Continue reading

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You’re going to get hungry after watching this ….

Now, imagine if I can use food as a form of participatory planning.

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Food for thought: applying ethnography into participatory urban planning

Side note: Starting today, I’ve opened up the blog Participatory Cities up for the public! This will be a repository and data-base for participatory planning processes. This is my first blog post for that blog, and I’m reposting it here for reference.  More … Continue reading

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