What Working Societies Need



I am almost settled to taking on my first internship after college graduation. Yes!

The word for next month is finding my focus.

I have developed tons of interests lately. However, my time is quite limited in life. I can’t do everything in life because I’ll end up a jack of all trades and somebody who’s good at very few.

The advice which has worked for me so far is to be a generalist but with an area of depth. That depth for me is design. I enjoy the process of building stuff. I would like that creative freedom to do that, regardless of what area of design I end up doing. 

Let’s see where life takes me. 


What I’ve Learned From Learning Javascript

Some notes as I go to bed:

The best way for me to learn Javascript isn’t through TreeHouse/CodeAcademy, but rather Googling “How to do____?

For me, this allows me to write the most crappiest code ever, debug constantly, learn about coding theory at the same time. Whereas with CodeAcademy, I am focused on the fundamentals, rather than failing constantly to become familiar with my code and programming theory over time.

ReRead Code, Copy Existing Code, and Manipulate Over and Over Again

I think this style of learning works much better than me than just going through a programming online textbook. The programming textbooks act as good references, but I have to test out different codes, understand the restriction of each code etc.