The feeling of unpredictability

What will come out is several sentences of ramble.

I’ve been going to several networking events, hackathons, interacting with a lot of different people, just trying to broaden and understand my own purpose in life. What do I want to do? What do I don’t want to do?

I’m seeing life change before my eyes. New friends pop up, old friends I don’t see that frequently. Jobs, occupations, interests change. Having to make sacrifices in my own life just to be able to adapt to a changing society.

New types of jobs, and technologies I previously never thought of are popping up very quickly that I didn’t expect when I graduated from high school. Old industries are falling, new industries are being created.

The definition of work is changing rapidly, people are expecting more work-life balance. College is increasingly becoming a less reliable way of being able to get a job in the new economy.

One either can remain stagnant or adapt.

This is the question I ask.


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