A great designer is

What can a great designer do?

A great designer is a great storyteller; by telling a great story, she can create a vision and guide the direction of a product, a lifestyle, that improves the way we live, work, and play.

A great designer is a great communicator, who knows how to speaks and interacts across different sectors, cultures, and demographics.

A great designer is patient, and is empathetic to a person’s needs and concerns. She places herself in the user’s shoes, and constantly places the user in the steering wheel, observing how he/she interacts with the environment, what are her strengths and constraints.

She knows what makes the person tick, and how to make that person tick; by understanding how he or she ticks, she is able to design the product, the service, based on the user’s perspective. Thus,a great designer constantly takes in feedback, critiques, and observations from the user.

She iterates, redesigns, and is a problem-solver. She focuses and simplifies to the core problem, and is obsessed with the way the problem and solution is communicated. A great designer knows that solving a problem comes with a good story that people can relate to. Connecting to her audience is key.

A great designer is comfortable with the techniques that she has learned that help him build and test his idea. She constantly is trying out new material, looking at existing material and what has been already designed, and plays with the material, tweaks with it, and tests it out in a new environment.

Thus, a great designer is a problem solver. She guides, she builds, she makes mistakes, she always asks for feedback, she tests. She connects with her audience, and she aims to make the world a better place.

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