Transition from college to real world.

Now that I’m finally in the real world, here are some things I’ve learned and still practicing in the real world:

  • Have a thick skin.
  • Embrace uncomfortable situations, and get used to them.
  • Lots and lots of deadlines are normal. Know how to manage your time and resources.
  • Be comfortable pitching yourself and your biography:
  • Nobody really knows what they’re doing. We’re all making decisions by risk:
  • You cannot stay up past 12am like you used to do in college:
  • No point in comparing somebody with you. Everybody has their weaknesses and strengths, and what you are seeing are their strengths.
  • You really can’t choose to do everything in life. You have to pick and choose what matters to you, meaning doing everything will burn out in one day. However, you do have a right to experiment and see what fits for you and does not.


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