The non-linear career path

These past several weeks, I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends, mostly in their early 20s, about potential career paths, where they will end up, and the amount of unpredictability in our lives is just amazing.

We’re living in crazy times, where stability, the definition of a stable job, is not as common as it used to be. At the same times, we’re living in a more global, connected society, taking on lots of global, sustainability issues that require new, interdisciplinary, cross-sector solutions.

Many of us, at the same time, in our changing times, are calling for a newer form of flexible lifestyles, where we can spend more time to pursue other hobbies, travels, and learn lots of different skills. Our expectations for our careers and our lives are changing quickly. The experiences of previous generations will be very different from what our generations want.

Unpredictability, failures, lots and lots of risk-taking, pushing the boundaries of society, to really find meaning in our lives, and doing something meaningful for the communities around us. This is what will drive us forward.  It will make us stronger.


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