On illustration and Chinese

Some thoughts right now:

  • After Mapping Morsels, I will not be taking on any new illustration projects for other organizations for a while. I’d like to work on creating and publishing a short illustrated children’s book, as part of a personal project. Because I am not requesting any particular deadline for this project, and I have built in enough discipline to work on drawings and illustrations, I have more flexibility on my schedule. However, I’m aiming for this to be finished in 2 years.
  • I will be shifting more of my hobbies to language learning, cooking, reading, and learning music. This is part of my personal growth and belief that cultural bridges will be key in creating effective collaboration in solving our world’s problems. This will involve lots of commitment, and collaboration. The key to language learning is just doing it and meeting friends to learn new things about the world, new sentence phrases that are memorable and allow you to connect the dots. Similarly, for cooking, I’m going to focus on cooking one dish a week and trying to perfect it. Reading is a way for me to really find different ways to express ourselves as people (I’m focusing on slow reading), as well as learning music is a way to communicate to the world beyond language. Will focus on one song every few weeks.
  • However, I am open to doing short term (< 1 month) collaborations with other artists, especially in East Asian countries. (Skype / Google + Hangouts anybody?)
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