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Transition from college to real world.

Now that I’m finally in the real world, here are some things I’ve learned and still practicing in the real world: Have a thick skin. Embrace uncomfortable situations, and get used to them. Lots and lots of deadlines are normal. Know how … Continue reading

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The non-linear career path

These past several weeks, I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends, mostly in their early 20s, about potential career paths, where they will end up, and the amount of unpredictability in our lives is just amazing. We’re living … Continue reading

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Cultural Bridges

“If you think about how economic development has followed the increasing effectiveness of human capital, you’ll see that, the first jobs were in manufacturing, and then we moved up the productivity chain to service jobs, the ultimate being innovation and … Continue reading

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On illustration and Chinese

Some thoughts right now: After Mapping Morsels, I will not be taking on any new illustration projects for other organizations for a while. I’d like to work on creating and publishing a short illustrated children’s book, as part of a … Continue reading

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Images on Organic Food

I am currently working on a sustainability communications project with a team on identifying ways to communicate organic food in a way that actually connects to the public. Will be posting more images as time goes on:  

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I am 25 and I’ve just found my passion in life, am I too late?

Answer by Edward Suh: A mentor of mine recently told me this:Spend your 20s finding out what you're passionate about.Spend your 30s getting really good at it.Spend your 40s and 50s getting paid to be really good at it. You … Continue reading

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Why is there such a high concentration of Asians in San Francisco?

Answer by Francis Chen: I'd like to emphasize the early 20th Century a little bit, speaking from the perspective of a 3rd-generation Chinese-American and first-born generation Chinese/Cantonese American in the US (you'll see why below). This history will explain why … Continue reading

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