Why learning languages matter to me

Aside from the business reasons, language learning for me is to learn about other cultures, and to share these cultures to the rest of the world. It’s a way to make new friends, have fun, and experience a different sort of lifestyle that’s different from how I grew up.

I have a lot of side passions that I like to cultivate in my free time away from my work. One of my dreams is to be a freelance translator/interpreter (in addition to other hobbies) in the three East Asian languages (Chinese/Korean/Japanese) because I get excitement in being able to bridge different cultures together.

When I listen to a song or watch a television series in a different language, and see the translation in English, I am always excited in knowing that what they are talking/singing about is almost very similar to how we think. We’re really all the same people, and we all want the same things in life. The difference is the language we speak, and how people from different cultures experience those needs, or live life.

Learning a new language bridges that gap, and bridges cultures together. Bridges different people together. Especially in a planet that will be facing a lot of global climate change and sustainability problems, it’s really important that we as a society know how to be empathetic, know how to relate to each other, establish trust. By establishing that trust, we can work together to solve these problems.

It gives me true pleasure to be able to be part of bridging people together through language. I can establish friendships, trust, and eventually co-effective collaboration.


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