A few thoughts about Taiwan before I head to bed



Will blog more once I get some rest, but I fell in love in Taipei when I was there. A few key things that I’ve recognized:

  • I enjoy hearing the sound of the Mandarin language and being able to interact with locals about a variety of things. I think living in a foreign culture excites me and represents who I really am.
  • Being away in a foreign culture by yourself, while not changing yourself personally, will definitely change how you view the world and really teaches you to figure out what your true values and interests really lie because you are away from the rest of your home country and you are out making decisions on your own, without thinking about what people think of me. For me, this is in illustration and design, with some interests in urban planning / design.
  • Travelling by yourself doesn’t seem that adventurous, despite what people think. In fact, going out on my own, I felt completely normal and learned a lot in the real world about what I should do rather than being in school. I felt completely safe in Taipei, for example, and felt like a local. Granted, while Taipei is a developed city, and there might be other places that might not feel as safe, I don’t see traveling too scary yet and it seems to be going to be a normal part of life as I move on.
  • In this tough world, where you are expected to follow a “specific path of success” in order to be successful, it’s really important to stay true to yourself and your values despite a lot of animosity, fear, doubt, and uncertainty.
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