Drawing artistically versus drawing for city planning / environmental design

There’s something different being able to draw organically versus drawing for a very technical, functional purpose (for example, architecture or city planning). For some reason, there’s some sense of my personality imbued in my drawings, something that represents me and my personality.

For the past two years I’ve grown a bigger interest in art/design related fields; while I am an urban planning student by background, a lot of my internships have had some visual/artistic element in it that let me know more about my personality.  For example, policy is my biggest weakness because I don’t like dealing with long documents (I do like reading though… but not dealing with policy because I’m a strong advocate for strengthing physical planning, i.e urban design, but that’s another story).

Maybe it’s time for a transition…? I’m seeking a career that fits my personality/strengths, and right now using a combination of visualization, drawing, illustration, and design seems to be the direction I’m heading to.

Any thoughts?

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