Inspiration video of the focus on making our own things (ceramics)

This video (part 1 here) , I can relate a lot with the ceramic artist here, actually, although our backgrounds are different:

  •  Our interest in art began in drawing things when we were younger; although, I didn’t grow up with parents who did art as a profession
  • When we are not doing art, we continually think more and more about it. For Kim So Young, it is working with her hands with clay.  When I am away writing reports, or reading long articles, I long a notebook/sketchbook to draw with.
  • “Working with clay relaxes me”, just as using my own hands to draw relaxes me, and lets me forget my sense of time. I am immersed in the process.
  • Running a business with art gives a sense of autonomy and flexibility. I value this since a lot of jobs don’t offer this same level of autonomy; in other words, you have control on doing things which truly represent your identity.
  • “Many people think that the only place to see handicraft items is at the exhibition center in Insa-dong. I would like the internet and the free market culture to develop so that more people can be exposed to handicrafts.” I believe art/design is a tool anybody can, with practice and discipline, everybody can participate in .
  • “Why is art so expensive?” She really emphasizes that the price of art is due to the intricate steps and processes that people don’t really think about. In our fast paced society, we tend to forget to take our time and really empathize with this process.
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