Why I Am Permanately Leaving Facebook

I fear a generation when we are so connected to an internet lifestyle that we’ve lost the quality/depth of our social interactions. We’ve made it easier to sacrifice quality face-to-face interactions and created a false sense of connection over many friends, without making an effort to maintain true relationships. Creating true relationships takes work. 

At the same time, creative quality work (and projects) takes a lot of work; this level of depth is forgotten easily when we sacrifice quantity: we want to know more people, we need to know what everything is going on, we need to do more things, that we’ve become passive consumers, thinking technology will make things easier.

As of today, I’ve permanently deleted my Facebook. This also means that people will have a difficult time contacting me for those who have used Facebook. I will lose connections with people, but at the same time, I am focused on creating quality, time-developed relationships and work. Getting to know the person one on one, making an effort to know somebody deeply: this is a far more productive use of time than going online.

For those who still want to keep in contact with me, email, skype, phone, Linkedin, this blog, work best for me.

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