Chinese dialogue on

Amy: 怎么来香港那么久, 都不打给我。(You’ve been in Hong Kong for so long, and you haven’t called me!)

Elizabeth: 没有。 我刚来,想自己先适应一下。(I just got here, and I wanted to get accustomed to the area myself first.)

Guy: Hi. 好久不见。 怎么样? 香港还适应吗?(Long time no see. So, are you still getting used to Hong Kong?

Elizabeth: 还好。 还挺适应的。 (Sure, I’m growing accustomed to it.)

Guy: 我还以为你失踪了。 (I’ve thought you’ve disappeared.)

Elizabeth: 怎么会了。 我就是刚来, 想先适应一下。 (Not really. I just got here and wanted to get used to here first.) 所以, 不过,我们马上就要经常见面? But, we’ll be seeing each other a lot soon?) 我刚拿下布兰顿的案子。以后还有请你多多指教.  (I just got an mandate on Brandon’s case. It looks like we’ll be learning from eachother.)

Guy: 恭喜你, 这么快就那到大项目了。

Elizabeth: 这还有感谢你。 制造出这么大一个收购案。 (For this I have to thank you for creating such a big transaction.

Guy: 别b客气.不过我这一次是有备而来,志在必得。 你要加油!(No problem, but this time I’ve come fully prepared. You should work hard!)

Elizabeth: 会的。那希望你不虚此行。(I will. I’ll make it worth the trip.) 对啊, 布兰顿已经同意合作。 (Also, Brandon has already agreed to work together). 欧文让我尽快安排一个正式会面。 (Owen has already asked me to arrange a formal meeting)

Guy: 最好能谈出个结果。(It would be best if this meeting led to results).

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