Staying true to yourself through the medium that fits you

A motto that I really hope that sticks through is that I stay true to myself and my values, and make a contribution to your community through the medium that fits me well.

Let me break this statement down:

True to myself: Meaning that you should do a job that has some meaning in life and connect to my values. This is really important because it can be really easy (in this economy) to do something because it pays well.  While it’s important to be able to maintain a standard of living in where you are living, I think the question we need to ask ourselves is how much is how much is too much money to the point that you lose your original intentions?

If you make a lot of money, other than savings, what are you going to do with it? This is a question we have to constantly remind ourselves, because what you do with what your money matters more than how much money you make.

Make a contribution to your community: The definition of a contribution will vary from person to person, but there has to be some act/service that will propel  you to make that difference. I want to emphasize that “your community” will be a really vague phrase; in other words, are you trying to make a difference in your

Through the medium that fits me well: This is the weapon, the key (or in Chinese: 关键) to developing meaning in your life. To put it in tangible terms, this is the job/occupations, the skillsets, the experiences that will keep you going and allow you to make that contribution. The key is that you have to be able to use that medium effectively, which requires practice, professional development, learning from other people, etc.

This medium is something that you constantly have to work on everyday (in Chinese, I’d say: 不断不停练习).  It won’t be perfect when you are starting out. I know from experience, when I’m trying to find that medium, I sometimes feel tempted to give up. However, it really takes practice in order to really develop your medium to a level that allows you to make a contribution effectively.


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