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“Nobody tells t…

“Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you … Continue reading

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Why I Am Permanately Leaving Facebook

I fear a generation when we are so connected to an internet lifestyle that we’ve lost the quality/depth of our social interactions. We’ve made it easier to sacrifice quality face-to-face interactions and created a false sense of connection over many … Continue reading

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The process of thinking in the present

I always here a lot of self-improvement blogs who say “in order to remove anxiety, one must think in the present. Don’t worry too much about the future or your plans, etc.” But, logistically, step by step, what does that … Continue reading

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MIT launches new research center on advanced urbanism

Epic. I think one thing that stands out is having really compelling illustrations and visualizations to guide discussions and decision making about the future of cities.

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Art + urban planning + cultural bridges

I think I’m finally seeing these bridges come together: 1) I like drawing, and physically designing objects with my own hands. 2) I’m interested in urban development, with a focus on transportation and urban design. 3) I believe in developing … Continue reading

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Chinese dialogue on

Amy: 怎么来香港那么久, 都不打给我。(You’ve been in Hong Kong for so long, and you haven’t called me!) Elizabeth: 没有。 我刚来,想自己先适应一下。(I just got here, and I wanted to get accustomed to the area myself first.) Guy: Hi. 好久不见。 怎么样? 香港还适应吗?(Long time no see. … Continue reading

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On being more comfortable with speaking Chinese naturally. Transitioning from English Chinese

I realized that while I understand this sentence: 我跟你说,上面的牌子快掉了, 你拿梯子 修一下呵。 I notice that I’ll translate it to this in English, “I’m telling you, the brands up there are going to fall! Get the ladder to fix it.” (sort of … Continue reading

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