Learn Chinese using ChinaDialogue

Learn Chinese Using ChinaDialougeFor intermediate and advanced Chinese learners, I recommend ChinaDialogue if you want to get acquainted with very technical or high-level topics such as Chinese environment, economy, working conditions, urban development, technology, etc.

What I like about the site is that these articles are short enough but detailed enough that you have a good amount of vocabulary to use. I often use nckiu or plecko while reading the article, print out the article on the side and write notes on sentence structures and patterns. In addition, I often reread the article to try to understand as much as I can.

There are also English versions of these articles to help compare what you read in Chinese, as well as how the original translators translated the Chinese/English versions or vice versa.

As an urban planner, I got interested in the pdf about bikesharing in China.

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