Vocabulary from Chinese Bikesharing

hangzhou bikeshare chinese


I like the way the sentence is phrased, and it stands out to me, haha.


Relieve parking and walking difficulties, solving transportation’s last mile.

The word I like is 缓解 (huan3jie3: relieve)

i.e: (thanks to nckiu)

经过一段时间的治疗,爷爷风湿痛的症状缓解了不少。After a period of treatment, Grandfather’s symptoms caused by rheumatism has improved.

  • 治疗: cure (zhi4liao2)
  • 症状: symptom (zheng4zhuang4)
  • 风湿痛: rheumatism

实行封山育林的办法以来,这里的土壤沙化问题有了明显缓解。After adopting the policy of forest conservation, the problem of desertification of land has been relieved.

  • 土壤: soil (tu3rang3)
  • 实行: to put into practice (shi2xing2)
  • 封山育林: forest conservation (fēngshānyùlín)


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