The Disciplined Pursuit of Less:

“First, use more extreme criteria. Think of what happens to our closets when we use the broad criteria: “Is there a chance that I will wear this someday in the future?” The closet becomes cluttered with clothes we rarely wear. If we ask, “Do I absolutely love this?” then we will be able to eliminate the clutter and have space for something better. We can do the same with our career choices.”

Learning languages and drawing are enough for me to keep me awake. Everything else is just an interest.

Design should be getting your hands dirty

In our heavily service sector society, I think we need to get our hands dirty.

“Every week, we actually have a no computer day. Actually I make my designers switch off their computers, because I think it’s a sort of disease. First thing, they come into the office, they switch on their computer. I think computers are a great convenience tool, but sometimes I think it tends toward canned ideas as well. Sometimes its so easy to just Google something and cut and paste that everything is sort of canned. And, I actually make my designer’s work with scissors and paper, and pencils, and actually do hand work because if you can be bothered to do handwork, then maybe it shows that you care, you can make something that is original. I think there’s a tendency for youngsters today to not wanting to get their hands dirty; everything is just sort of sit and click.”

Douglas Young, GOD (Goods Of Desire); lifestyle brand company