The Ideating Process of Food Deserting


As I’m new to making comics, I was doing some storyboarding today, and am trying to decide on a conflict which drives the story.

I think the main conflict I want to start with is that there is a lack of access to fresh, healthy foods in a community. The characters then try to create a simple plot of land to make a garden; they go through struggles trying to make the garden. Because I have no little experience with urban gardening, I don’t know how to quite exactly tell this portion of the story, and would love some much needed help. I don’t want to be a pure idealist and say the process of making a garden is easy (i.e. maintenance, logistics, management, etc.), but I don’t want to stray too far away from making this an educational process about urban gardening.

My main concern about this right now is length, but maybe I should leave that aside for now

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