My attempt to work on a comic on food deserts!

As part of my attempt to lower the barriers of access to public participation in urban planning , starting this month, I will create a short comic spread of a story of a high school student in West Oakland who is frustrated by the lack of access to fresh, healthy food and decides to start a local urban garden in her neighborhood (food deserts).

This is my first story and comic: it will suck. It won’t be the most polished story ever. However, it’s okay. It is a learning experience that I want to go through now when I’m young so I can understand many of these different concepts, which I will have to do in the real world, include:

Character design, story-boarding, illustration, cartooning, script-writing, information-design, marketing (I will have to find ways to spread the comic, albeit it will be free)

Part of the reason why I am doing this is because I would like to have something tangible for people to point to when they ask me what I do, so they have a better sense of the type of service I will offer to them in the future; having a clear, tangible service is important for a business to be successful. I plan to work in Asia for several years; while I’m not sure what my plans are exactly, I would like to teach English, but freelance with these sort of projects on the side to develop a tangible service over time.

Another reason is that, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, education & creating empathy is  the first way in establishing trust. I believe media can play a huge role in disseminating my work. This story, rather than in the context of policy briefs and recommendations, planning documents, or news articles, will be told from a first-person perspective, from a human character that people can relate to.

Let’s set up a deadline by early January?

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