Graphic journalism / visualization

Idea for visual interactive map and comic in Oakland Chinatown

Lately, I’ve been noticing several themes that make me interested in entering graphic journalism / visualization.

  • I draw a lot with my sketchbook. When I am trying to do group projects and attempting to communicate an idea, I always try to draw it out (albeit not the best)
  • I am very interested in how people take in information, and how memorable the experience is in influencing decision making (i.e. visualization/art as a form of civic engagement).
  • I do not like how urban planners try to reduce their recommnedations of a project to large, dense text or jargon that most people cannot connect to
  • I like how the China Dream is attempting to work with large advertising agencies such as Oglivy or Saatachi-Saatachi to develop a visual vocabulary of sustainabilty that can appeal to a variety of consumers in China, while contrasting itself from the American Dream of consumption.

A big theme is that there are interests, but not necessarily forms of actions.

I’m going to start doing some prototypes and experiments of visualizations and see how they go.

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