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Debate on Creativity in China


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The Ideating Process of Food Deserting

As I’m new to making comics, I was doing some storyboarding today, and am trying to decide on a conflict which drives the story. I think the main conflict I want to start with is that there is a lack … Continue reading

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My attempt to work on a comic on food deserts!

As part of my attempt to lower the barriers of access to public participation in urban planning , starting this month, I will create a short comic spread of a story of a high school student in West Oakland who is frustrated … Continue reading

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Am I an artist or a designer?

I used to think that these were the same thing until I started reading this article: putting down  your crayons. The article basically states that while an artist makes something without restriction and attempts to make an emotional impact, a designer … Continue reading

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The concept of trust in public participation

Thought I will stray a bit from my illustration/artsy/design posts and talk about a very simple concept in public participation in urban planning. It’s so simple, yet it’s so hard to get. Trust. Simply put, if you want to get … Continue reading

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On Chinese creative youth culture and popular perception (Part 1)

Whenever you think of Korea or Japanese popular culture, people think of its music, dramas, celebrities, art, fashion, etc. While Japan has had a long history of cultural/artistic development, Korea has also been rapidly developing it’s art/entertainment/design culture especially within … Continue reading

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We are living in this ever changing society.

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