Landscape Drawing

I haven’t done landscape drawings for a particularly long time, so I’ve always been daunted by them.  Mainly because I’m really bad at drawing trees, leaves, and textures of landscapes, moreso because I lack experience in doing so.

However, I take particular pride in this drawing. The composition is set up well and there’s a good amount of depth that leaves the reader with amount of interest. Unlike other landscape drawings I done, I decided to leave this without color so that I could be more comfortable with line and tone, which are my weaknesses in my landscape drawings.

What I really enjoyed about today was that I had some opportunity to get away and immerse myself with drawing. One thing we forget easily in society (something I’m trying to practice) is that we tend to do so many things at once, try to be very ambitious to search for a “higher quality of life” that we tend to forget about living simply and being satisfied with what we have. I think nature helps us appreciate that; it’s sad that we don’t design enough places that try to accommodate nature into our cities.

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