Other conversations in Chinese

Starting from the beginning.

DX: 人啊? (So, how’d it go with him?)

ZQ: 走了. (He left)

DX: 这么快就聊完 (You guys talked so quickly!)

ZQ: 我太紧张了。 一句话也没说 (I’m too nervous. I didn’t even say a sentence.)

DX: 你也太逊了。 (You’re too modest)

ZQ: 你还好意思说呢?你算不算朋友呢。临阵逃脱**(Do you have anything better to say? Are you a friend or not, just moving away? )

DX: 我这是在给你制造机会,好吗?(I’m just creating an opportunity for you, okay?)

ZQ: 你制造什么机会呢?差点害死我 (What opportunity are you making? You almost killed me!)

DX: 是不是, 这辈子都没有跟男生搭过讪呢? (Is it, for this entire life you have never been flirted by another guy before?)

ZQ: 没有呢 (I have not)

DX:是不是你觉得挺刺激呢的? (Is it that you feel really excited?)

ZQ: 这种地方以后还是少来吧? 机会太多, 容易挑花了眼 (For now on, can we not go to these types of places? There’s too many opportunities, too easy to choose so many people)

** Chengyu. (means: to sneak away at a critical moment; [línzhèntuōtáo])

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