Practice Chinese by imitating TV series natural conversations

(Start at 35:24)

ZQ: 丁香 我不满你说 (Ding Xiang, I am not satisfied that you said) 我就从来没进过夜店。(I just have never been to a bar before)

DX: 我也没进去过 (I have also never been to a bar). 可为什么我们就不能进去呢? (But how come we haven’t been able to go in?)

ZQ: 是啊。 从小到大 大人就教育我们说: 夜店是坏孩子才来的地方. 咱们还真信了. ” (Yeah! From when we were little to now, the adults taught us to say: “Bars are places where all the bad people only go! They still believe that!)

 DX:虽然我们知道真实并非如此, 可我们还是敬而远之. 这又是为什么呢? (Although we really know that that is not the case, we’re still within arm’s reach! Why is it like that?)”

ZQ: 世俗的偏见 自身的狭隘 (Accepted stereotypes, individuals are narrow-minded)

DX: 那我们该怎么办呢? (Then what should we do?)

ZQ: 不要轻信人言的左右。要相信自己的判断 (Don’t believe what people say. Trust your own judgement)

DX: 然后呢?(And then what?)

ZQ: 咱们今天豁出去一回. 走吧? (We’ll go ahead all out and risk everything! Shall we go?)


I’m going try this methodology posted from here, on dubbing conversations to improve comfort level and natural speaking.

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