Asian Art and Urban Planning

The Moon on Tao Tao Restaurant /// Source, Cudweed, Neocha

Lately, I’ve been torn between two interests.

I spent a lot of my college years understanding cities from many perspectives (housing, transportation, urban design, etc.), with a developing interest in public participation in cities. However, I am really into Asian art and culture, as art, according to one article, can make the familiar strange, and the strange familiar. It provides us an experience that is both enjoyable and pleasurable.

At first, I wanted to put one of them off on the side, but I realized that this already, in itself, is challenging. I want to do something for society that goes beyond self-gratification as an artist, but at the same time, Asian art and culture is who I am.

That’s sort of why I’ve decided to keep those interests somehow. It’s really hard to say where it will lead me, but the more I devote my time to this, the more I’ll get out of it.

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