Disillusioned 20s Male Says: “I want to restart my youth all over again” (重定一回青春)

Disillusioned 20s Male Says: “I want to restart my youth all over again” (重定一回青春)

“重定一会青春” (I want to restart my youth all over again)

I am currently watching a Chinese Television called 北京情人 (Youth of Beijing). To give a quick synopsis, He Dong(何东)has recently decided not to marry his girlfriend of 3 years, Quan Zheng (权箏), because he doesn’t feel that he’s fulfilled the meaning of life. He’s lived a ordinary, model lifestyle: studied hard to get into a good college, found a good, practical, stable job, and got a girlfriend, but he feels that he’s been following the path of society rather than the path of his own. In this series, he blames his parents for pushing him into this path, even though his parents feel that they raised him in the most practical way possible.

However, making this sort of leap has a lot of consequences.” What does restarting your youth actually mean?” From this episode, I feel that he would like to quit his job, which doesn’t get strong approval from his parents. Similarly, his girlfriend is already confused about what his boyfriend is trying to do. His decision is already hurting others in the process.

I think this is a relevant topic for Chinese youth (as well as people in their 20s, 90后 80后的年轻人) because this television series is basically questioning the traditional model of success in China that a lot of people have been striving for; especially with the large unemployment of recent college graduates in China, this episode seems to bring these youths’ feelings together.

Looking forward to continuing this TV Series. For those who are interested in watching the series, see here:www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72371584E7D9E6B9
Trying to do what ethnographer Tricia Wang has been doing with Chinese media and society (www.triciawang.com/), and here: www.flickr.com/photos/triciawang/7983941641/in/photostream

*** Cutscene from Episode 2, 9:40


Found an article expanding on this TV Series.

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