A video on following your passion against filial needs

As I watched this video, I noticed an unanswered question here (4:30) on how following your passion might neglect the needs of your parents.

Simply put, in this situation, the previous generation of Asian American parents (born in the 1960s-1970s) want their children to do a practical career, such as engineering, law, business, or medicine, in order to be able to “take care of them” when they become old.

While the video does show John following his passion, this question is left unanswered. I find this a really tricky question to tackle for AA films/stories; it’s easy to neglect this type of thinking as “old-fashioned”, but I don’t think this addresses the larger issue of how one deals with following your passion while being able to deal with your family, your past. I don’t have an answer to this (there are multiple, if not, many answers), but it be great if more filmmakers and writers tackled this issue.

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