Beijing in 3D, and Updates on Life

Nan Luo Gu Xiang, Beijing

While planning for Mapping Morsels in Oakland Chinatown, I got distracted talking about this map of the different type of restaurants that were in this 3D visualization of a Beijing hutong designed by Lihan-BJ, in terms of idealizing a visually pleasing visualization for urban planning.

I’m still working on my visualization/drawing skills, and probably will be working on more through practicing comics/conversations on nciku. Hopefully, they shouldn’t be too perfect, because I want to work on more of my drawing skills. I’ll scan a whole bunch of comics.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to apply a lot of “human-centered-design” thinking  into Mapping Morsels in Oakland Chinatown; for starters, it is a project that I am working on that answers the question of how food is a integral part of the Chinatown community, and in return, we will make a visually compelling product that shows this (see below for examples).

Types of Food-Related Businesses in Oakland Chinatown

We really don’t know what sort of visual to make, but that’s not the important part; visually compelling is not as important as being able to solve a simple problem, which is easy for designers to get lost in.

This is why the Beijing Map I have is only visually appealing to artists, but doesn’t solve the larger problem of how this can be used for future planning (although that isn’t it’s original intention).

It’s weird; I have many different personality types to balance. I have my very Chinese culture and arts side that really enjoys learning Chinese and Chinese creative youth culture; I have my participatory planning side that comes out of my experience in planning. A part of me wants to learn about the Korean culture.

As a young person, in Chinese, 在这个年龄很不容易决定你 想 做什么 (In this age, it’s not really easy to decide what you want to do). The reason why I try to different things is to try to get a sense of where I belong. To be honest, I don’t know what my future will be in a year from now. All I know is that these steps allow me to get different perspectives in life that will eventually mesh in the end.

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