Intermediate Texts in Chinese

Found this from here:

I am not sure what your approach it, but since all three books you mentioned were about memorizing characters, I’m going to assume you are not going through a well structured textbook that teaches the characters in context.

If you are anything like most learners of Chinese, trying to learn how to read Chinese from Tuttle and other books that don’t introduce characters in a proper context is not optimal.  You didn’t learn English by memorizing the alphabet song. Why do you go about learning Chinese characters as if reading is purely about the characters themselves? Remember, when people say that literacy requires that you know so-and-so-many characters, they don’t mean characters exclusively. They mean the characters PLUS all the words that the characters form. (Because, you know, knowing 目, 的 and 地 will not teach you what 目的地 means.) From thousands of characters, you get tens of thousands of words that will have to be learned. . I would highly recommend introducing some more context-centered reading material as well.

Finding reading material at the beginner and intermediate stage is not hard at all. There are plenty of textbooks out there targeted at people who are at the levels you will be at for the next 1-3 years. Here is a list of books and audiovisual resources I have seen and liked, ordered roughly according to difficulty

This should take you to an intermediate/upper intermediate level. For most people we are talking at the very least 2 years of full immersion to get through 1-7. If you can do it faster, then good on you. At that point, you shouldn’t have a problem with finding your own reading material. 

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