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You’re going to get hungry after watching this ….

Now, imagine if I can use food as a form of participatory planning. Advertisements

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Hello World: Google Street View Ad

Recently, a new ad just popped up on YouTube for Google Street View. As the song says in the video, you can travel the entire world right under your fingertips. So weird now, 10 years this mindset didn’t exist. Now, … Continue reading

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Asian Art and Urban Planning

Lately, I’ve been torn between two interests. I spent a lot of my college years understanding cities from many perspectives (housing, transportation, urban design, etc.), with a developing interest in public participation in cities. However, I am really into Asian … Continue reading

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Disillusioned 20s Male Says: “I want to restart my youth all over again” (重定一回青春)

“重定一会青春” (I want to restart my youth all over again) I am currently watching a Chinese Television called 北京情人 (Youth of Beijing). To give a quick synopsis, He Dong(何东)has recently decided not to marry his girlfriend of 3 years, Quan … Continue reading

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Crossing The Bridge Noodles Recipe (Chinese)

过桥米线的做法详细介绍 菜系及功效:云贵菜 过桥米线的制作材料: 主料:光肥母鸡半只(约750克),光老鸭半只(约750克),猪筒子骨3根,猪脊肉,嫩鸡脯肉,乌鱼(黑鱼)肉或水发鱿鱼各50克,豆腐皮1张,韭莱25克,葱头10克,味精1克,芝麻油5克,猪油或鸡鸭油50克,芝麻辣椒油25克,精盐1.5克,优质稻米400克,胡椒粉,芫荽,葱花各少许。 过桥米线的特色: 汤烫味美,肉片鲜嫩,口味清香,别具风味。 教您过桥米线怎么做,如何做过桥米线才好吃 1、将鸡鸭去内脏洗净,同洗净的猪骨一起入开水锅中略焯,去除血污,然后入锅,加水2000克,焖烧3小时左右,至汤呈乳白色时,捞出鸡鸭(鸡鸭不宜煮得过烂,另作别用),取汤待用。   2、将生鸡脯肉、猪脊肉分别切成薄至透明的片放在盘中。乌鱼(或鱿鱼)肉切成薄片,用沸水稍煮后取出装盘。豆腐皮用冷水浸软切成丝,在沸水中烫2分钟后,漂在冷水中待用。韭菜洗净,用沸水烫熟,取出改刀待用)葱头、芫荽用水洗净,切成0.5厘米长 的小段,分别盛在小盘中。 3、稻米经浸泡、磨成细粉、蒸熟,压成粉丝。再用沸水烫二三分钟成形,最后用冷水漂洗米线。每碗用150克。 4、食用时,用高深的大碗,放入20克鸡鸭肉,并将锅中滚汤舀入碗内,加盐、味精、胡椒粉、芝麻油、猪油或鸡鸭油、芝麻辣椒油,使碗内保持较高的温度。汤菜上桌后,先将鸡肉、猪肉、鱼片生片依次放入碗内,用筷子轻轻搅动即可烫熟,再将韭菜放入汤中,加葱花、芫 荽,接着把米线陆续放入汤中,也可边烫边吃。各种肉片和韭菜可蘸着作料吃 I should start practicing translating Chinese recipes to practice my Chinese

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Food for thought: applying ethnography into participatory urban planning

Side note: Starting today, I’ve opened up the blog Participatory Cities up for the public! This will be a repository and data-base for participatory planning processes. This is my first blog post for that blog, and I’m reposting it here for reference.  More … Continue reading

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A video on following your passion against filial needs

As I watched this video, I noticed an unanswered question here (4:30) on how following your passion might neglect the needs of your parents. Simply put, in this situation, the previous generation of Asian American parents (born in the 1960s-1970s) want … Continue reading

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