Market Street and Embarcredero, San Francisco

Market Street and Embarcredero, San Francisco, facing the City

As part of the Worldwide Urban Sketchers 36th Sketchcrawl, I was walking to find lunch when I noticed a big burst of people coming toward the Ferry Building as they walk toward the Bay (see map). The pedestrians have just walked past a series of tents showcasing various art products, and passing the streetcars, they walk toward the Bay to experience its beautiful weather.

With the San Francisco skyline in the background, the transit lines surrounding the skyline’s perimeter, and the Twin Peaks at the center of the horizon as you move further along Market Street, I had to draw this scene to capture the life of this public space.

Historically, before the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, there was a double-decker freeway above this space, with little or no pedestrian life available as the automobile breezed through into the city. If an opportunity arises, I’d love to do a before and after sketch of the freeway’s effects on the space.

Notes: Used 2B pencil to outline, then used Precise V5 rolling ball pen, and added watercolors.

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