On inspirational illustration work

I should be heading to bed right now, but I am looking at lots of artistic stuff at the moment, that’s keeping me pretty inspired. Here are a bunch of links I want to save (and will read more in detail later).

Credits to Gene Yang

Meanwhile, in terms of life, I am trying to develop an artistic focus for my creative outlet. Some questions I am currently answering right now:

  1. What sort of stories am I trying to tell, as an artist? For example, am I interested in transportation planning visualization? I also have a love for historical Asian dramas, so am I going to work on historical stories? I do have a strong interest in Chinese urbanization issues. Similarly, I have a love for language learning, as demonstrated here, and I am currently exploring with creating language videos based on dialoguesprovided here.
  2. What medium should I delve into? Sketching, drawing, animation, comic-book, story-boarding, info-graphics, graphic design, cartography?
  3. Which areas are profitable and can be turned into a free-lance business (or small-team business)?
  4. How can I apply this into a traveling lifestyle? I get my biggest inspiration from traveling, so I need to make sure this lifestyle can fit this sort of work.

Will be working on the language illustration work in a bit.

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