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On inspirational illustration work

I should be heading to bed right now, but I am looking at lots of artistic stuff at the moment, that’s keeping me pretty inspired. Here are a bunch of links I want to save (and will read more in … Continue reading

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Frequency Mapping: China – the Next Frontier?

Jarrett Walker says, “I also had a brief exchange with Google Transit’s staff on the subject, and got their standard “we only have so much time” response.  So I hope someone makes a business out of this, because if they … Continue reading

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Haussman’s Paris and Guangzhou urbanization

I couldn’t help but notice this parallel; The narrow, complex, spiderweb grid of Guangzhou’s old, quaint, picturesque neighborhoods being destroyed for large mega-blocks, skyscrapers, and globalization.

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How to start/continue conversations in target languages

I found this link on making conversations flow from Anthony Lauder, i.e. conversational intimacy. To quote his style: Conversations need to flow. So, what is the language glue that we were missing that keeps conversations flowing? Instead of saying “urm” I … Continue reading

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말해 봐; Sketching > design software!

Two things I’ve realized today: 1) I should focus primarily on speaking a language, at this point, with building up my vocabulary and speaking it to practice. 2) I prefer sketching over doing any form of design software, although I will end … Continue reading

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On artistic creativity and the future.

As I sit here, having three semesters left until I graduate, I always wonder whether whatever I am doing: language learning and sketching/drawing/illustrating, has practical value in the real world, or how can I develop it’s practical value? According to … Continue reading

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On Chinese language motivation

我看电影还有学过中文。 我看得字然后写得中文字。 Okay, anyhow; Chinese language learning is quite tough.  But, in some ways, I’m glad I haven’t given up. I just wanted to discuss my motivation, which really comes from a strong passion toward the Chinese language. One of … Continue reading

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